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We are very happy to introduce QDA SOLUTIONS GmbH, based in Lübeck, Germany, was founded in 1987. QDA software suite has 30 years of experience in developing quality management software, and is one of the leading CAQ (Computer Aided Quality) software solutions in the market. It is the tool with which QDA SOLUTIONS is able to provide integrative and highly effective quality management solutions to a broad customer base that includes globally renowned customers from a wide range of industries, as well as regional small and medium sized companies (SMEs).

Ensuring quality, reducing costs, optimizing processes and documenting them in compliance with regulations (AIAG, ISO TS 16949, ISO etc.) – as a quality manager, you need powerful software tools that enable you to implement and monitor these goals. QDA is one of the most powerful CAQ systems on the market and is the result of years of software development for quality assurance. QDA gives practical answers and insights for almost any quality management question – simply, quickly and comprehensively. With QDA you are investing in the future and with QDA SOLUTIONS as your CAQ partner, you can also be sure that you are ready for Industry 4.0

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QDA APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) part of QS9000

I-APQP provides a single, integrated tool for quality planning and documentation to efficiently plan, monitor and document quality through your defined process steps, enabling you to meet your project and PPAP milestones faster, on time, and with less errors. I-APQP is based on AIAG and VDA standards.

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QDA PPAP – Production Part Approval Process

QDA PPAP solution automates customer requirement verification to ensure ease of consistency, approval and payment.

  • RESOLVES Inaccurate or incomplete PPAP documents
  • IMPROVES Customer trust, retention and sales
  • RECORDS Approval process to ensure timely and accurate completion
  • INTEGRATES Key PPAP signoffs for full visibility of approval
  • SAVES TIME Reducing overall costs and effort from managing multiple PPAPs and customer requirements

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QDA FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Automate best FMEA practices to drive continuous improvement.

Resolves Miscommunication and project follow-up issues

Improves Risk Mitigation: cost overruns, launch delays and ongoing issues

Records Historical revisions for quick access to changes

Integrates FMEAs, Inspection Plan and Non Conformance Management

Saves Time Reducing overall costs and effort from managing multiple FMEAs

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QDA Document Management

The right documents, right where you need them.

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QDA SPC & Data Collection

Ensures full real-time traceability of process and production data to identify quality issues, root causes and corrective actions.

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QDA Incoming / Outgoing Inspection

Automated product inspection for improved supplier accountability.

  • Records: Variable & Attributive Data
  • Provides: Immediate Feedback to Inspectors
  • Maintains: History of Collected Data
  • Eliminates: Manual Error in Data Recording
  • Delivers: SPC Reporting of Collected Data

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QDA Gage & Tool Management

  • Separate unused gauges from the active tool lists and avoid unnecessary and costly calibration.
  • Plan calibrations of test and measurement equipment and keep a pulse on the status of your gauges with an up-to-date usage history.
  • Automate and simplify routine tasks so that you can focus on more important issues.
  • QDA allows you to develop easy to use inspection schemes for individual gauges or devices grouped into a common category. The software maintains a history of each test and calibration. Applying standardized inspection schemes, thoroughness and manageability to the complex task of gauge and tool administration.

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QDA Non-Conformance Management

Analysis and traceability, from root cause to corrective action

  • Analyzes: Analyzes collected data to provide automated findings and solutions
  • Resolves: Determines the “who-what-when” for corrective actions
  • Improves: Leads to an overall reduction of non- conformance issue
  • Records: Provides a fast-yet-flexible way to initiate and record non-conformance
  • Integrate: Integrates with ease into established automated workflows
  • Saves time: Reduces overall time requested for managing non-conformances

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Advanced quality planning is important for all companies in the wind power industry. With the introduction of the APQP4Wind standard and its obligatory realization by all suppliers, the topic has become even more significant.

Many suppliers in the wind power industry are now faced with the challenge of having to manufacture their products within the scope of the APQP4Wind standard. But while wind power plant manufacturers have increased their product requirements, suppliers receive no additional money for their products. For that reason, support is needed from a suitable quality management software tool, such as QDA, which can offer support with standard compliance.

Thanks to the industry-specific configuration of the quality management software, QDA is optimally adapted to the needs and requirements of wind power – making it the perfect companion for you.

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