QDA PPAP – Production Part Approval Process

QDA PPAP solution automates customer requirement verification to ensure ease of consistency, approval and payment.

  • RESOLVES Inaccurate or incomplete PPAP documents
  • IMPROVES Customer trust, retention and sales
  • RECORDS Approval process to ensure timely and accurate completion
  • INTEGRATES Key PPAP signoffs for full visibility of approval
  • SAVES TIME Reducing overall costs and effort from managing multiple PPAPs and customer requirements
  • INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY | Implementation without rigidity

The QDA PPAP solution is one module in an integrated enterprise quality system that provides a continuous quality solution scalable to your global manufacturing needs. The QDA system can be fully integrated through design, process and manufacturing or as an individual standalone PPAP solution. QDA features a centralized database architecture optimized for compatibility with other manufacturing platforms and applications.

FEATURES / BENEFITS| Automating production part approval process

  • Task identification – quickly search large data sets to identify outstanding tasks with automated alerts to task an owner for project follow-up.
  • Reduce costs and data errors – Replace archaic data transfer or manual entry with consistent data linkage that streamlines production processes and reduces documentation effort.
  • Team integration – ensure project accountability with full visibility and input along with automated alerts for project team follow-up.
  • Automatic notifications – Automatic alarm notifications, task assignment with reminders, and project status reports. No need to track individuals down – alerts and actions sent automatically.
  • Revision tracking (history log) – Past PPAP versions and changes are logged automatically, including user identity, for easy retrieval and accountability. Email alerts sent to key individuals when specific changes made.
  • Compliance standards – Quick retrieval of all relevant data ensures standard workflow of PPAP with AIAG, VDA 6.2 and TS 16949.
  • Customizable formats – Workflows can be easily customized to meet unique company standards.
  • CAD Integrated – minimize error rate with integration directly to CAD drawings
  • Manage Compliance – complies with AIAG, VDA 6.2 and TS 16949 standards
  • Integrated Quality – seamless integration with CAQ-system QDA
  • Simplified Recertification – easy recertification of parts belonging to the same product group
  • Enterprise Solution – scalable enterprise quality solution for continuous quality improvement