QDA FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Automate best FMEA practices to drive continuous improvement.

  • Resolves Miscommunication and project follow-up issues
  • Improves Risk Mitigation: cost overruns, launch delays and ongoing issues
  • Records Historical revisions for quick access to changes
  • Integrates FMEAs, Inspection Plan and Non Conformance Management
  • Saves Time Reducing overall costs and effort from managing multiple FMEAs


 FMEA OVERVIEW | Risk Mitigation

The FMEA processes is designed to mitigate risk but many times the cumbersome process can leave your company vulnerable. QDA FMEA solution provides traceable, searchable, documented verification of all your identified potential risks and system responses with automated action management and bidirectional communication between FMEAs

(Design/Process). The solution aids in enabling the FMEA to be the living document it is intended to be continuously updated for new products, changes, new regulations, and customer feedback. The solution drives increased product reliability by mitigating risk and proactively designing in quality at the point when it is most cost effective – at the design and process development stages.

INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY-AUTOMATED| Implementation without rigidity

The QDA FMEA Solution is one module in an integrated enterprise quality software suite that provides a continuous quality solution scalable to your global manufacturing needs. The QDA solution can be fully integrated through design, process and manufacturing or as an individual standalone FMEA solution. The centralized database architecture is optimized for compatibility with other manufacturing platforms and applications.