QDA Incoming / Outgoing Inspection

Automated product inspection for improved supplier accountability.

  • Records: Variable & Attributive Data
  • Provides: Immediate Feedback to Inspectors
  • Maintains: History of Collected Data
  • Eliminates: Manual Error in Data Recording
  • Delivers: SPC Reporting of Collected Data


ACCURATE RECORDING OF INSPECTION | Improved inspection process and product quality

Incoming & Outgoing Inspection are often treated as a non-essential element to quality control. But a smart quality manager knows that the only way to achieve great performance on the plant floor is to ensure incoming components are held to the same standards as we hold our own product. Likewise, what we send out the door must be constantly evaluated to identify any issues in our quality plan.

The QDA SOLUTIONS Incoming & Outgoing Inspection module provides accurate recording of incoming and outgoing inspection. Data is collected, stored, and used to constantly report out on the performance of your suppliers and your overall plant performance. Incoming & Outgoing inspection should be more than a spot check. It should be part of your policy of continuous improvement.


DATA COLLECTION | Removal of Manual Entry Error

QDA SOLUTIONS data collection function allows you to enter data manually or automatically from your inspection gages. By removing hand-written data collection sheets, you remove the potential for error due to misread documents. Take it a step further and attach your data collection tools directly to the terminal, and you remove another level of human error. More importantly, by gathering data electronically, you will no longer need to hunt for documents during your next audit or information request. The QDA Incoming & Outgoing Inspection module records your data, stores it, and allows you to filter it later based on date, time, batch number, operator name, or any other label you need to attach to an inspection order.

REPORTING | Supplier Evaluation and Scorecard

QDA modules are configurable, allowing you to filter and create reports specifically for your needs. Once you’ve begun collecting data, it is simply a matter of selecting the existing data and generate reports immediately.

  • KPI
  • QDA BI


  • SAP/ERP Interface
  • Workflow Manager
  • Scheduled Tasks


  • MES/ERP COUPLING: Incoming and Outgoing Inspections can take place directly in the system or provide an MES / ERP coupling.
  • TESTING: Testing is performed with statistic and dynamic sampling plans, including Skip-Lot-processes and AQL-Sampling plans.
  • USAGE DECISIONS: After successful data capturing, usage decisions can be documented for tested “parts”.
  • SAMPLE PLANS (AQL): Identify and manage individual supplier performance at each location based on AQL levels (i.e. on-time delivery percentage or table chart configuration).
  • DYNAMIC SAMPLE PLANS: Test only what is required and understand supplier performance and quality history


  • Reduce risk, rework and scrap: Identify poor quality supplier parts before are manufactured into your product.
  • Supplier Evaluation: Automated reporting to quickly determine good and poor preforming suppliers.
  • Remove Operator Error: Gain confidence that data collected is correct and actionable.
  • Improve Profitability: Remove wasteful costs from low quality supplier parts.
  • Global – Enterprise view of your company’s quality in one solution.