QDA SPC & Data Collection

Ensures full real-time traceability of process and production data to identify quality issues, root causes and corrective actions.


SPC involves real-time process monitoring to detect and address quality issues before being passed on to the next phase. This approach changes a manufacturing culture from “inspect and reject” mentality to the more cost‐effective “predict and prevent” strategy.


  • Monitors collected data in real-time.
  • Automatically monitors trends, assigns causes and limits violations.
  • Immediately notifies key personnel to production problems.
  • Provides direction for the operator to make the right decision on the production line


SPC & Data Cllection Risk without SPC
Traceability Costly research and ongoing issues
  • Notified immediately if part is ‘in’ or ‘out of spec’
  • Automatically generates complete historical records of characteristic, setup and product history while tracking data and edits
  • lengthy research and documentation
  • Production downtime, scrap and rework
  • Increased labor costs, recall and compliance issues
Compliance and issue resolution Audit issue/non conformance
  • Error eliminating automatic updates and cross-linking of documents ensures compliance with ISO/TS16949 and VDA standards
  • Identifies and addresses defects during the design phase
  • Audit issues
  • Rework
  • Out-of-date documents
  • Production downtime to address non-conformances
  • Loss of customer loyalty from poor product quality
Integrated analytical reporting Reactive management and reporting
  • Integrates all data points into one location
  • Track interdependent documents, standards and processes and analyze new developments
  • Clear, easy-to-use global enterprise reporting across your entire organization
  • No actionable data
  • Multiple out-of-date documents
  • Silos of plant information (inspection plans, reports, data)
  • Difficulty in identifying core issue
  • Traceability – identify issues at root cause level to quickly implement correct action.
  • Notification – Proactive management with definable event notification.
  • Compliance – maintain brand reputation of quality and reduce production down time.
  • Reduce risk, rework and scrap – Increase your productivity and profitability with efficiency and high quality production.
  • Global – Enterprise view of your company quality in one solution.