Industry 4.0 Services

Auto Design Online provides wide range of services accustom to customer requirement to fill the gap between various island solutions customers are using. In the era of Industry 4.0 it is important to get real time data from various island software, machine or system and integrate them in order to ensure all of them are running within specific limits. In case of any out of specification rejection could be prevented at the early stage to avoid scraps and rejection which will ultimately save time and money.

Customized Integration

Every company has their own requirements of machine, software, instruments and over the years they all have been working independently – without talking to each other.

Time has come “Let’s Talk” – In today’s era each of these machine, software, instruments and so on ultimately delivers final quality of the product. It’s time they need to talk to each other to overcome data redundancies. We are the new era match maker who will ensure these island solutions talk to each other in a way to get the real time data and control the quality parameters in real time.

Retrofit and upgrade existing hardware

Existing working old machinery and infrastructure cannot be scrap even if there is desired to upgrade to data integration. This is one of the road block in many companies where they are not able to link all the required data from different source because of old technology and machine. But now there are hardware and supporting solutions are available which enables companies to use the old existing machinery and still using additional hardware enable them to export data to achieve Industry 4.0

Various retrofit possibilities allows customer to save money by scraping working machine and still ensure you achieve desire goal of digital data control.

Let’s transform!