Auto Design Online is an Indian partner for C3P Engineering Software International Co. Ltd. When it comes to Advanced CAE simulation in the field of casting and stamping C3P Engineering Software International Co. Ltd. and its product is the benchmark.

CAST DESIGNER is the advanced FEM (Finite Element Method) based casting simulation software which can be used for advanced tool & pattern design to reduce casting development time and ensure defects free casting.



Geo-Designer is a powerful upfront Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tools for designers and manufacturing engineers with innovative technology.


  • GEO DESIGNER is NOT a casting simulation software, it’s a tool to help foundrymanto design correct and optimal gating system design for various casting process.
  • It accelerates the design process for functions, manufacturability, enabling designs to move to production better and faster.

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CAST DESIGNER – Quotation Preparation

  • A quotation tools in Cast-Designer for cost calculation. It could be used for cost evaluation after the DFM analysis for all casting process.
  • This quotation calculator was evaluated by many customers in different casting field.

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CAST DESIGNER – Gating System Design

CAST DESIGNER software has a capability to create parametric design to ensure fast, user-friendly and easy to modify for various iterations. Irrespective of the casting process these capabilities can be used for Gravity sand casting, HPDC, LPDC, Investment casting etc.

Preprocessing capabilities means all the prerequisite before performing the casting simulation. This includes mainly casting part & gating system design CAD modeling (Downsprue/biscuit,  Runner/tree, Riser, Chills, overflow, Ingates etc.)

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CAST DESIGNER provides fully automatic mesh features to ensure CAE simulation can be handled by Foundrymen itself and not dedicated CAE engineer requires to handle the software.
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CAST DESIGNER – Automatic Optimization

Cast-Designer optimizer is the software for multi-criteria nonlinear optimization. The ideal solution for:

  • Improving performance
  • Searching for optimal management laws
  • Identification and verification
  • Cutting costs

Cast-Designer Optimizer is a unique software package opening up new opportunities for the market of “complex” practical problems.

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CAST DESIGNER – Manufacture Production

This is the last stage where foundry gets maximum benefit and return of investment because of following thoroughly above 5 necessary steps. This ensures manufacturing production over the long term with best quality, highest yield and engineering friendly to ensure minimum material waste, rejections and scrap. It directly means better productivity, efficiency and profitability for the company.

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