• Geo-Designer is a powerful upfrontDesign for Manufacturing (DFM) tools for designers and manufacturing engineers with innovative technology.
    • GEO DESIGNER is NOT a casting simulation software, it’s a tool to help foundryman to design correct and optimal gating system design for various casting process.
    • It accelerates the design process for functions, manufacturability, enabling designs to move to production better and faster.
    • Geo-Designer offer a new method to study the part geometry in 3D Iso-surface with flexible transparently,it is similar to the X-Ray and CT method.


  • Checks mass distribution, wall thickness, Mass Distribution Index( MDI), cooling rate prediction on complete model
  • Support 3D ISO-surface and multi-sections mode
  • Ease in locating critical thickness areas
  • Advanced visualization for easy interpretation of results
  • Powerful filter mechanism to concentrate on region of interest. Detail information of analysis model: mass, volume, surface area, project area, heat modulus etc.
  • Import STL, IGES, STEP file directly
  • Geo-Designer can checkwall thickness, draft angle, undercut, fillet radius for part evaluation at early design stage and support parting surface design
  • Ray method and the Mass Distribution Index (MDI)are supported for geometry analysis. Quickly locate critical thickness areas in the product
  • Geo-Designer can make ejection force analysis for both value and distributionto support ejection pin design.
  • Geo-Designer can make core checking and designfor gravity casting part.
  • Built-in design capability for riser & runner, rib and chill design
  • Support mesh level geometry Boolean operation, very powerful and flexible operation.