CAST DESIGNER – Automatic optimization

Cast-Designer optimizer is the software for multi-criteria nonlinear optimization. The ideal solution for:

  • Improving performance
  • Searching for optimal management laws
  • Identification and verification
  • Cutting costs

Cast-Designer Optimizer is a unique software package opening up new opportunities for the market of “complex” practical problems.

It is used to improve the performance of complex systems, technical facilities and technological processes and to develop new materials based on a search for their optimal parameters.

The software also enables lower research expenditures and shorter implementation time. The main purpose of the system is to relieve a designer or researcher of the sufficiently complex and very labor-intensive process of searching for optimal system design parameters which simultaneously meet a great number of sometimes controversial requirements.

Different application of optimization

Parallel Optimization with Multiple Criteria


Cast-Designer can support parallel automatic optimization now, this is a breakthrough technology to reduce the lead time of optimization.

The user can use the same model for parallel automatic optimization, no any special setup but one switch button. With this technology, the optimization calculation can speed up 5 to 10 times due to the model setup.

More ever, the restart function is also possible in optimization calculation. Means the user can continue the last optimization run in any time.


  • Maximum use of the potential of multiprocessor system and local network.
  • Efficient use of difficult-to-parallelise applications and computation models
  • Solution of complex problems which have to present time been thought impracticable to target.

Case 1- Sand casting:

Objective is to optimize the riser diameter to have the best balance of the riser volume and shrinkage porosity (accept level).

Case 2- HPDC:

Objective is to find a best gating system design to avoid gas entrapment and reduce shrinkage porosity to minimum.