CAST DESIGNER – Gating System Design

CAST DESIGNER software has a capability to create parametric design to ensure fast, user-friendly and easy to modify for various iterations. Irrespective of the casting process these capabilities can be used for Gravity sand casting, HPDC, LPDC, Investment casting etc.  

Preprocessing capabilities means all the prerequisite before performing the casting simulation. This includes mainly casting part & gating system design CAD modeling (Downsprue/biscuit,  Runner/tree, Riser, Chills, overflow, Ingates etc.)

Cast Designer has inbuilt templates which allows user to select any desired template, by adjusting parameter these templates can be used any type, size, and dimension of the casting.

  • Innovation gate system design mode
  • Full parametric Pre-defined templates
  • Support customization in the XML language
  • 5~10 times speed up than standard method.
  • Directly data transfer to standard design wizard
  • Template import and export
  • Good CAD quality of the gating system, support fillet radius between segments.
  • Support runner in arc curve.
  • WYSWYG style design
  • Consider the casting geometry feature and casting alloy properties
  • Very easy to learn, very short learning curve
  • Design data could be send to detail gating system design system for final modification

Example of gating system design