CAST DESIGNER provides fully automatic mesh features to ensure CAE simulation can be handled by Foundrymen itself and not dedicated CAE engineer requires to handle the software.

  • Advanced mesh feature
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Supports full mould meshing, Automatic shell generation, core, sleeve, insulator and assembly mesh.
  • Allows mix element to reduce simulation time

CAE Analysis:

To define all the properties of simulation, CAST DESIGNER made this job easiest considering this software can be used by non CAE expert engineer. It provides inbuilt template for each foundry process e.g. Sand casting, HPDC, LPDC, Gravity casting, Investment casting etc. which enables user to just pick and choose the boundary conditions as desired in their model. It has very rich inbuilt accurate material data base of large number of grades of different alloys which ensures CAST DESGNER’s results are comparable to actual foundry trials.



  • Inbuilt templates to setup the simulation for each foundry process
  • Various ways to define boundary conditions e.g. Temperature values, curves, graphs etc.
  • Insight hint and suggestions for boundary conditions to help foundrymen
  • Quick- easy to use for any non CAE engineer
  • Rich material database of different material grades
Model setup: HPDC
Model Setup: Gravity casting
Model Setup: Investment casting

CAE Analysis Results:

1 Filling Analysis:

  • Temperature
  • Flow pattern
  • Air/Gas entrapment
  • Velocity
  • Pressure
  • Fluid factors
2 Solidification Analysis:
  • Solid factors
  • Hotspot
  • Temperature
3 Mechanical Properties analysis
  • Stress
  • Strain
  • Displacement or Part deformation
  • Hot crack
  • Life time prediction
4 Microstructure analysis
  • Temperature
  • Phase transfer
  • Mechanical properties
CAST DESIGNER: Gravity casting Simulation
CAST DESIGNER: Investment casting Simulation