COVID19 has pressed RESTART button, brought the entire world to the same starting line. Everyone will start the race after the gunshot from the start line. By and large nobody is expecting that after lockdown situation will improve immediately. No one has fair idea, how fast economy will overcome this COVI-19 effects. Many customers lost orders, cancelled orders, pipeline projects may also affect.
How we View it & journey you through the logical steps to follow.
So how companies will deal with this situation? What will change probably for short term, long term or may be forever?
It is the time to expect more from your own company, employees to come out of this situation faster and least from the customer. It is the time to dive inside and find the best abilities and improvisation scope you have within your organization. Here are some 7 possible ways we journey you through the points to ponder in house & in depth.
1. Reduce wastage- visible & invisible
2. Innovation – R&D: time to realize- it to be the essence & a team effort- Failures will be best teachers.
3. Quality: Make it a Religion down the line
4. Effective workable Planning & Efficiency raise the Bar: reduce cycle time input to dispatch
5. Marketing-Look Beyond Expand market/product reach:
6. Low cost automation: do not go by literal meaning of Low cost- Go by Simple & essentials- short term-Plough in gains for Long term
7. Build -Improvise Vendor Confidence & support